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Phoenix Drunk Driving Accident Injuries

Our Chiropractic team at Phoenix Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment wants you to know that if you are involved in a car collision with someone who has decided to drink and drive in Arizona, the penalties for DWI (driving while intoxicated) are intentionally and legally very severe. If you are the drinking driver your personal bodily and personal property damages are not covered. If you were hit by a drunk driver you have the right to full coverage that the driver has for his insurance.

If you or a loved one were injured by the negligence of a drunk or impaired driver you have the righ to seek chiropractic care.

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In the state of Arizona and especially in Phoenix, you, as the driver of your vehicle, accept the responsibility of “zero tolerance”. You also accept the responsibility to be in control of your vehicle as well as your responsibility to function as an unimpaired driver 100% of the time.

Arizona drivers are making a promise to themselves, as well as to all other drivers and passengers, that you will operate your vehicle conscientiously. If you drink and drive, you have broken your promise and accept that you are negligent and will be held liable for your actions with no legal or civil tolerance whatsoever.

Injuries and sometimes even wrongful death can be the result of an accident involving an alcohol related driver. DWI negligent drivers will have a difficult time and legally should not get away with their negligence if they caused you or a loved one any harm.

Arizona drivers with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or less are deemed sober enough to drive, but our legal team recommends not driving at all if you decide to drink any alcohol whatsoever.

Just The Facts Ma’am

The facts state that in a recent study covering one calendar year, more than 15,000 drivers, passengers and pedestrians were killed in alcohol impaired driving accidents and that almost 2,000 of these drivers had a BAC of .08% or less. Anyone in Phoenix, and for that matter anywhere in Arizona, who decides to operate a motor vehicle, no matter how many drinks they have consumed, is putting themselves and others at risk. Remember, in our state of Arizona there is an accepted zero tolerance for driving under the influence.

Phoenix Personal Injury By A Drunk Or Impaired Driver

If you have been in a car accident with a drunk driver, more than likely you are feeling confused, typically upset, and definitely unsure of what you should do next. The team at Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment confirm that it is completely normal to have questions. Remember, police, emergency medical techs (EMTs) and the ER hospital staff have their own responsibilities and actually do not want to answer questions, because they are not qualified to tell you what to do. They really cannot and should not answer the legal questions you have. The experienced personal injury attorneys we refer to will personally take you through the intricacies of an alcohol or drunk driving accident. If any intoxicated driver decides to get behind the wheel and ignore the law, and causes you and a loved one personal injuries and/or property damages, the law empowers you to be compensated for your injuries due to another’s intoxicated negligence.

If you are involved and/or injured in a drunk driving accident that is not your fault…..

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Drunk Driver Accident & Chiropractic

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