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Can I Fire MY Car Accident Attorney

Should I Change Lawyers?
Maybe your lawyer isn’t keeping you in the loop, or others are advising you to jump ship in the middle of your case. What happens to any liens you have in place, and what about your current lawyer’s fees? There’s lots to think about.
“I was in a car accident several months ago and hired a personal injury attorney almost immediately. Initially, she was very responsive, returned my calls promptly, keeping me informed of everything. Then, suddenly, silence. I leave messages, am promised a callback, but nothing!
“Treatment for my injuries is on a lien basis with bills to be paid when the case is resolved, but now I don’t know what to do. Should I change lawyers? Thanks, Darlene.”
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An attorney may disappoint you for several reasons. These reasons consist of:

  • Unfavorable decision by the court
  • Uncertainty in attorney’s capability to manage your situation
  • Lawyer’s charges and the costs of the case
  • Argument with lawyer about crucial instance concerns
  • Attorney’s lack of focus to your situation.

Firing an attorney will not damage your legal case.

Nevertheless, it is best to take time to assess your factors for firing your attorney. The lawyer filed a good legal action as well as properly filed the motion in court. In this situation, it would certainly not help to discharge your lawyer. If you have various other problems with your personal injury lawyer, like an attorney’s lack of attention to your legal stance, always try to consult with your attorney about these problems. The issue might be easily alleviated, and you will certainly dodge the time and price of hiring a new lawyer.

Actions to Discharging Your Personal Injury Attorney

When you make your decision to fire your personal injury, there are steps to take to minimize potential disputes.

First, look over your agreement for lawful solutions.

Is there a provision in the agreement discussing the steps and actions required for terminating the attorney-client relationship? If these steps and actions are practical you are legally bound to follow them.

Second, hire a new accident lawyer.

Never hire a new counsel until you are 100% sure you will be firing your current attorney. By working with a new attorney prior to firing your existing lawyer, you probably will not have to handle the legalities of changing lawyers.

Third, draw a formal letter sent by certified mail return receipt signature required to your personal injury attorney

This letter must lay out the reasons you are hiring a new attorney and that you are ending the client-attorney partnership. In the letter, request that your attorney give all your case files to you or your new lawyer. Provide contact information of your new lawyer, consisting of mailing address, telephone number and email address. Keep in mind that if you paid a nonrefundable retainer to the lawyer, you are not entitled to any refund of that retainer settlement.

Fourth, if your case is pending before a court, you must notify the court of the withdrawal or replacement of counsel.

This action needs to be carried out at the same time as you inform your existing attorney in writing that you are ending the attorney-client relationship. In many cases, your old attorney will file a “motion to withdraw” as your lawful guidance or your brand-new attorney will certainly submit a “movement for substitution of counsel.”

The Chiropractors and Medical Doctors at Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment work with over 40 Phoenix Person Injury Attorneys. The key to hiring and not firing your car accident Attorney is hiring the right one in the beginning. We will help you find a very competent car accident attorney.

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