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Steps To Take Immediately Following A Car Collision:

  • Immediately assess if anyone is injured and go to the Emergency Room!! Many people refuse and this is not always what is best for you your passengers and especially if any one involved is injured.
  • Seek immediate Chiropractic or Medical care. First to protect your health and secondly to document any and all injuries.
  • Call the police. Be Courteous. Do not admit fault. Police report is crucial to this scenario.
  • Exchange information with all Drivers/owner of the vehicles involved. Be Courteous.
  • Take Pictures. Take Video. Get witness information and contact information.
  • Inform your insurance company you have been in a vehicle collision. BE AWARE that sending pictures to your insurance company only depicts surface damage. A picture can not document if your car frame is bent.
  • Just like a picture can’t determine the hidden damage below the surface of your cars exterior and emergency Room Physician can document your injuries their sole responsibility is to evaluate you for life threatening injuries and to admit you if you do and to release you if you don’t.
  • The Chiropractors and Medical Doctors of Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment are trained to seek out and assess hidden injuries or injuries that are below the surface such as your spinal joints called facets and most importantly to access you for spinal ligament injury.

Call Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment as soon as you can and we will get you an appointment immediately if not sooner. 602-456-7252


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