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Interventional pain management is a specialty of pain management that concentrates on a variety of pain blocking procedures. These are typically in the form of injection therapies. Interventional pain management is different from other pain management practices, because depending on the results of their procedures, they want to rule in or rule out a specific diagnosis. So if the interventional pain procedure relieves the pain then the doctor rules in the diagnosis as accurate. On the other hand in the world of Interventional Medicine, if the procedure did not successfully relieve the pain then the diagnosis is considered as inaccurate.

Think of it this way. When you are receiving conservative care for the injuries you sustained in a motor vehicle collision, but you are not responding as well as your Chiropractor or Medical doctor originally thought you would, then typically they will refer you to have a pain management consultation and examination. The Interventional Pain Management doctor may start with trigger point injections to your muscles and then, if you respond, they confirm that your pain was coming from the trigger points in your muscles. If this does not relieve your pain then they look for other pain producing issues in the same area such as the facets or joints of your spine. They then would provide facet joint injections and are hopeful that this will resolve your pain. Once they find the procedure that resolves your pain they can then confirm, or if needs be, change your diagnosis.
Various pain management procedures may be required for treatment of the various traumas you endured as a result of your car crash. This series of procedures and your results actually supports medical necessity for further conservative care.
Recent studies have shown pain management often requires a multi-disciplinary approach that may include both medication and non-medication treatments and involve a team collaboration of health care providers.

The chiropractors and medical doctors at work hand in hand with pain management specialists to get you the best of both Chiropractic and Medicine trauma protocols.

How are the Chiropractors and Medical Doctors of Phoenix Car Accident Injury Chiropractic different?

Our Chiropractors are trained to recognize when a patient is not responding as quickly as possible. They will engage you in conversation to discuss your results immediately and, if appropriate, will send you for an interventional pain management consultation. If the pain management specialist initiates pain management you will be receiving pain management and conservative care at the same time.

The difference is that up until about 3-4 years ago doctors really didn’t refer to pain management until all conservative measures were exhausted. Today it has been shown that pain management delivered with conservative chiropractic manipulation results in better and quicker results, getting you up and on with your life much faster.

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