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Your neck is made up of seven bones stacked on top of each other with a shock absorbent pad called the disc separating each level, your neck is relatively flexible. So it relies upon your muscles and ligaments for support. Whiplash is a term that describes what happens when your muscles and ligaments are stretched too hard or too far much like a rope. That phrase when stretched beyond its capacity, auto accidents are the leading cause of whiplash. In fact, up to 83% of people involved in an auto accident will suffer a whiplash injury. The extent of your injury can be predicted by several factors. Patients who are struck from behind are at greater risk, being struck by a larger or heavier vehicle also increases your chance of injury. Your vehicle does not need to be visibly damaged in order for an injury to occur. In fact, the amount of damage to your vehicle has a little relationship to your injury.

Rear End Impacts of Less Than Five MPH Routinely Give Rise To Significant Symptoms.

Other factors that increase your chance of injury include an improperly positioned headrest, experiencing a collision on wet or icy roads, having your head rotated or extended at the time of impact and being unaware of the impending collision. Females are more likely to be injured than males. And those who have pre-existing arthritis are also more likely to develop complaints. Age plays a role too. As we grow older, our tissues, including muscles and ligaments become less elastic. And our risk of injury increases. The symptoms of whiplash may begin immediately following an accident, but sometimes take days or weeks to fully manifest the most common complaints include dull pain in the back of your neck. That becomes sharper. When you move your head, the pain is generally centered in the back of your neck, but can spread to your shoulders or upper back tension headaches, commonly accompany, neck injuries as new dizziness or TMJ problems.

Whiplash Symptoms Often Increase Over Time.

Sprain strain injuries cause your normal healthy tissue to be replaced with less elastic scar tissue. This process can lead to long-term pain and even arthritis. Over half of those who are injured will have neck pain up to a year after their accident. Fortunately, there are treatments to help speed your recovery things like joint manipulation to restore motion, to restricted joints therapy, modalities to decrease spasm pain and inflammation, myofascial release to massage out muscles that have become tight and exercises to strengthen your neck and research supports chiropractic treatment of whiplash. One large review of the literature concluded that spinal manipulation was more effective than muscle relaxants or typical medical care for neck pain and headaches and early treatment offers the best outcomes. So if you or someone, you know, has suffered a whiplash injury, call your chiropractor today to see firsthand how chiropractic care can help you recover quickly.


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