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Car Accident Chiropractors In Phoenix Make The Case for Fender Benders Victims To Be Examined

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Just because you have been involved in a fender bender that doesn’t mean you have not suffered injury in your Phoenix car accident. In fact, more often than not auto accident victims do not realize they have been injured. Pain usually or typically does not show up for a few days. Our patients tell us the 4th or 5th day following a collision injury is when the worst pain shows up. The most common injuries are spinal ligament injuries to the back and neck.

MYTH: When it comes to fender benders in traffic accidents, victims rarely are injured.

Fact: Most car accidents happen at between 6 and 10 Mph and produce little to no damage to the car.

It’s a known fact that a study done by the state of Florida found that injuries to the human spine as well as other body parts are quite common in accidents under 10 MPH. They even documented that auto accident related deaths have occurred in these car crashes.
The most dangerous problem with this type of injury is that numerous spinal and musculoskeletal injuries don’t express themselves as pain or pain and stiffness for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours after auto crash. Regularly these musculoskeletal spinal injuries can be spinal ligament injury causing spinal ligament laxity which is just what it sounds like. The traumatic forces delivered to the ligament system stretches the ligaments past their inherent plastic abilities.

Spinal Ligament damage is the leading cause of pain and disability in the United States

Spinal Ligament damage  can be easily detected with specific x rays that are performed by having the accident victim move their head in neck into specific position and then an Xray is taken. These positions are forward flexion, backwards extension, right and left tilting with a specific positioning called anterior open mouth radiographs.

Is a picture of your dented vehicle really worth a thousand words?

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Fender Bender Car Accident Chiropractor

YES, to your insurance company.

They want you to take a picture send it in and get paid immediately. They are hoping you will just accept the offer and go away. The picture you just sent them only addresses the outside of your car what about underlying damage like a bent frame or a hairline crack in your gas tank?

Fender benders create a lot of controversy and the insurance companies love to play up on this fake news. Rest assured it is a proven fact that the damage to the cars involved does not and cannot clinically prove how much damage happened to the accident victim.

Did you know that almost all car manufacturers state that following any type of accident all safety belts should be replaced…even if they were not being used at the time of collision? Go ahead look up how much it costs to replace all your seat belts. It is expensive and if you don’t replace them and you get in another accident and the insurance company could deny you benefits because you didn’t replace the seat belts as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. They could claim you were operating a faulty vehicle.

Taking a picture of your auto accident is also the worst thing you can do for yourself because the insurance company could use the pictures against you stating there was very little damage to your car and you accepted the check so you agreed. So therefore, we are not going to pay for these outlandish medical bills.

Add That to the fact that typically police reports of the accident are not 100% convincing to insurance agencies to accept the risk for an accident. However, the police report they go far in determining an insurance agency’s denial of the obligation of your insurance or the third party’s insurance coverage.

What is the best way to know if you have hidden or underlying injuries?

 First you need to seek out medical or chiropractic attention even if you went to the Emergency room!

When you call for a medical or chiropractic appointment ask if the doctor knows how to check you for spinal ligament damage. The answer should be a resounding absolutely yes we do. We perform specialized X rays and then have them interpreted by a third-party medical radiologist who will measure the spinal vertebra to determine if you have spinal ligament damage.

The only way to treat a spinal ligament injury is to first diagnose if it is present and then how severe is it.
Chiropractic manipulative therapy is one of the best treatments you can receive to counter act spinal ligament laxity. As chiropractic therapy is the only physical management modality that can take you through the three types of spinal joint movement.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a fender bender or a more serious accident. Give us a call 602-456-7252 and one of our Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatments will get you in for an examination today.

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