Phoenix Az Auto Accident Chiropractor

Phoenix AZ Auto Accident Chiropractor

Every year, thousands of Arizonans are injured due to a cars and truck collisions. In a number of these mishaps, the people involved are impacted by long-term injuries and even special needs. If you are in a vehicle accident and not in immediate pain afterward, it is advised that you look for chiropractic care to avoid concerns long-term. Collision and injury chiropractic phoenix clinics provide quality treatments for a host of problems including vehicle accidents to make sure that auto accident victims live healthy lives.

When it pertains to car accidents, there are numerous concerns that can happen. Neck injury, spinal trauma and or whiplash can affect your body for weeks and even years after an accident. A neck injury cars and truck accident phoenix issue can result in long-term issues if not dealt with correctly. A chiropractic physician will provide the required management to help you on the path to recovery. Keep reading to find how why this treatment type works so you can prevent any long-lasting injuries after an auto accident.

Injuries That are Not Apparent

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident knows that there will be injuries that you will see right away. Cuts and bruising are common problems that appear quite fast after an accident. However, there are also injuries that will occur that you might be unaware of for several days and even weeks. One instance of this is whiplash. Immediate signs may not be present that reveal whiplash and it can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for such symptoms to appear. Because of this time frame delay of onset, many collision victims do not associate their symptoms with the automobile accident.

It is very important to undergo chiropractic care for whiplash early on so that you prevent any long-lasting discomfort and suffering. By going to a chiropractic practitioner right after a mishap, a medical diagnosis of whiplash can be made, and start treatment before pain is expressed. Common signs of vehicular collision consist of being lightheaded, pain in the neck, headaches and blurred vision.

Range of Motion Restored

Typical symptoms after a cars and truck mishap consist of pain and restricted range of motion. The muscles and joints of the body can become stiff and this will constrain the normal movement of the body. A Doctor of Chiropractic can manage and treat restricted joint movement of patients by decreasing dysfunction of the body prior to scar tissue developing. By decreasing dysfunction, the mobility of the spinal column is improved which in turn increases blood circulation improving recovery at a much faster rate.

Avoid Medication

One of the huge advantages of chiropractic treatment is having the ability to return to normal without medication. Typically, medical doctors rely heavily on pain medication to manage automobile accident victims’ pain. Opioid pain medication can cause addiction. Many prescription pain meds are extremely addictive. With pain management provided by a skilled personal injury chiropractor, you typically will not need to take addictive prescription medications.

With the natural healing protocols of chiropractic care, your vertebrae return to normal function, your muscles are strengthened, your blood flow is increased, and your nervous system is normalized and therefore your pain is eliminated.

Preventing Long-Term or Chronic Pain

It is important to understand that even in minor or low speed micro trauma usually occur to the soft tissues of your body especially muscles tendons and ligaments. Remember if a tissue is not bony tissue it is soft tissue. The micro trauma and become worse if not discovered by examination and diagnosis. Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatments are trained to look for these hidden injuries and to provide specific protocols and management to allow your body to heal properly and as fast as possible. This will prevent long standing problems from being established.


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