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A personal injury chiropractic physician is capable of diagnosing, managing and treating a multitude of accidents, injuries, Traumatic Brain Injuries, slip and fall injuries work related injuries but car accident collisions may very well be where the Doctor of Chiropractic is most needed. If you or a loved one have sustained injury and when you have been involved in a car collision no matter how severe that you immediately get checked for underlying injury. If the car wreck was severe then you should seek care at an Emergency Department closest to your location. It is amazing the amount of people who decline going to the Emergency Room and this could be detrimental to your health and it may hinder any law suit stemming from your vehicular accident. Going to the ER documents that you were in fact involved in an auto crash. Secondly you will be assessed for life threatening issues and you will either be hospitalized or released with instructions to visit your personal physician. Having been to the emergency department documents critical information that your insurance company as well as the at fault driver’s insurance company will want to see. However, because of adrenaline, you may not necessarily feel all of the pain you’re in until your body calms down. This means it could be hours or even a day or two before you realize just how badly you were hurt.

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Please be aware if you are released from the Emergency department it does not mean you have a clean bill of health, but it does mean you do not have any injuries that you should be hospitalized for. Also it is imperative to understand that you can incur hidden injuries at the ligamentous, tendinous and muscular level where symptom will appear for days, weeks and in some cases months later.

The Emergency Department’s responsibility is to determine if you have life threatening injuries and if not, they are to release you. It is not their job to diagnose any other of your possible injuries. Therefore, the ER doctor or ER attendant more than likely will not have discussed damage to your back or neck. These injuries can be very complex, and for healthcare providers who don’t deal with injury from auto accident on a daily basis hidden injury can be misdiagnosed. The chiropractors of Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment are well versed in auto accident trauma and the injuries that are sustained from them and that is why it is critical to see a personal injury chiropractor as soon as humanly possible.

The Car accident personal injury chiropractors dedicate their entire practice to the treatment of aut accident victims here in phoenix Arizona and surrounding neighborhoods.

Here are a few tips for narrowing down your options and finding the best personal injury chiropractor.

How Much Experience Does Your Chiropractor Have?

Find out if your potential car accident chiropractor has experience managing traumatic injuries from evaluating patients following an accident to treatment of the injuries sustained. Just like in the medical field there are some chiropractors that do not dedicate their practices to the treatment of motor vehicle victims, but we do. General Chiropractic practitioners typically don’t like appearing in court and giving legal testimony. Our Doctors of Chiropractic will take on this challenge to help you battle your insurance company and testify to the nature and extent of your injuries.

Does Your Phoenix Car Accident Injury Chiropractor work with More Than One Attorney?

Enquire as to which law firms your chiropractor works with and especially if you already have an attorney does he or she work with your attorney.

Ask About Specific Personal Injury Examination and Injury Documentation

Every car accident Injury chiropractor will perform detailed personal injury evaluations with precise examination and treatment protocols. Personal Injury chiropractors will document your injuries how you are responding on a visit by visit basis and have specific medically acceptable surveys that you would be smart to fill out as all of this is essential to get you compensated by the insurance company of the at fault party. These reports absolutely must contain documentation concerning your injures from when it occurred to your specific response to treatment and management of your injuries including very specific neurological testing, orthopedic testing, radiological studies and notes from any and all other doctors you have seen including but not limited to the ER notes.

Our car injury chiropractic doctors spend a great amount of time with you to determine and document the degree of your injuries and what treatment you need.

Is Your Treatment Plan Reasonable?

If you are the not at fault motor vehicle accident victim, you have a right to receive immediate care to the point of returning you to a sate of health you enjoyed prior to the accident in question as well as treatment you will require in the future! Your treatment typically will be very intense both in treatment protocol procedures and visit schedule over a 3 to 4-month period. During this time, you will be receiving ever changing treatment protocols as you improve. Your visit schedule should also decrease in frequency as you show improvement. Obviously, this statement may need to be changed for more severely injured accident sufferers.

Ask Your Personal Injury Chiropractor If I don’t Respond Do You Refer For Medical Opinion?

In severe accidents, it’s likely that you’re going be under the care of multiple healthcare professionals. This type of personal injury care is delivered in unison. Chiropractors assist your spinal and other affected joints return to normal function, but you may have so much inflammation that you can’t with stand the pain. This is when your car injuries are preventing you from moving forward and typically you will be referred to a specialized medical doctor that performs interventional pain management. These doctors help by decreasing the pain of inflammation while the chiropractic physician will be increasing the function of your spine and or other joints that have been injured. Our chiropractors are well versed at communicating and collaborating with your medical doctor on a regular basis.

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