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Here are the 8 Common Signs that you suffered Concussion In your Phoenix Car Accident

  • You lost consciousness
  • You saw stars or have ringing in the ears
  • You feel nauseous
  • You experienced confusion or amnesia
  • Disruption in sleeping pattern
  • Mood changes
  • Headaches
  • Seizures

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What you need to know about Auto Accidents and Concussions in Phoenix Arizona

 There were more than 127,000 motor vehicle accidents in Arizona in 2017 many of which resulted in head injuries, such as a concussion known as a (TBI) Traumatic Brain Injury

Concussion Injury Following an Automobile Accident |8 Common Signs your Car Accident Gave you a Concussion

Concussions are a typical occurrence in cars and truck accidents, and the signs often take hours and even days to fully manifest. Most collision injury victims will not understand or recognize they have a TBI.

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can happen after being involved in an automobile accident. If the concussion is not identified correctly, the effects can be devastating.

One of the most significant concerns with a concussion injury is that it is not easily detected if you do not know the symptoms and signs to look for.

If you are the victim of a Motor Vehicle Mishap in Phoenix and are experiencing any of the following signs, you require to be seen by a chiropractic physician as soon as possible. The chiropractors of Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment are well trained at diagnosing traumatic brain injury and will refer you to the proper healthcare physician for treatment while you are attending for chiropractic spinal treatment and management.


Head and Neck Trauma 5 MPH Phoenix Car Accident

8 Common Signs your Car Accident gave you a Concussion

  1. You Lost Consciousness-Losing awareness is most likely among the most obvious signs that a concussion was sustained.

Many victims will lose consciousness when they bang their head on the steering wheel, the windshield and even the air bag may cause this trauma. Accident victims when asked really can’t answer the question “Did you lose consciousness?” They actually have to be told “you lost consciousness.” The human mind cannot remember being unconscious for good reason.

  1. “You got your bell rung” as they say you might even have light flashes or stars in your vision and/or ringing of your ears -when blunt trauma to the skull was suffered because of a car wreck; it will typically cause an individual to see stars or cause ringing or buzzing of their ears.
  2. You Feel Nauseous-If you begin to feel upset, lightheaded, conscious light or threw up after the accident, these signs must notify you that you have suffered a concussion injury.

Frequently the victim might not even keep in mind hitting their head, and loss of awareness does not need to take place for there to be a concussion.

  1. You Experience Confusion and loss of memory- This Amnesia or not being able to recall certain things, have difficulty concentrating on specific work tasks or not remembering important dates can take hours to days to express itself.

Do not ignore these signs and symptoms it is critical examined by a doctor as soon as humanly possible if you are exhibiting any of the above signs and symptoms.

  1. Your Sleeping Patterns have changed-A disturbance in your sleep habits such as being sleepy all the time, sleeping for longer periods of time or shorter periods of time, and also just not feeling refreshed after sleeping.
  2. State of mind Changes-If you begin to discover a modification in your state of mind, such as becoming angered, listless, irritable, anxious, or distressed for no evident reason, you typically are struggling with a traumatic brain injury.
  3. Headaches-Headaches that are constant 24/7, increase, or are accompanied by blurry vision, are signs to see a medical professional and find out if you are experiencing a concussion.
  4. Seizures are definitely a possibility if the blow to your head was severe enough.

 Depending upon the seriousness of the mishap, a concussion injury can also lead to a distressing brain injury.

This is a severe intracranial condition that can impact cognitive abilities which could cause permanent life-altering impairment.

When a car mishap occurs, you do not require to strike your head on an item for a concussion to take place.

When the neck endures a whiplash-type injury, it will cause the brain to move and shift around in the head. This can result in bleeding in and around the brain.

Medical Treatment for a Concussion

If you were involved in an Automobile Accident and are struggling with a concussion, you will need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and offer your brain a rest.

Whatever you do, do not disregard the indications of a concussion. This might cause additional damage to your brain and might even lead to more extreme repercussions.

Don’t be surprised that you will be required to severely restrict cell phone use and especially texting. The same restrictions will apply to anything that involves extended periods of time where you have to focus your eyes such as watching TV, computer use, reading, and other activities that require mental concentration or tasks. It is critical that you follow these recommendations to the letter.


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