What Is A CAD Whiplash Injury That Is So Common In Phoenix AZ

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What Is A CAD Whiplash Injury

Typically auto accident victims don’t comprehend the severity of the split second trauma that is created from a car collision even at speeds less than 5 miles per hour. Think of it this way, you put your hand on the bumper of your car and my staff and I will push another car into the bumper where you hand is. DO YOU THINK THAT WOULD HURT? Now ask yourself what if that occurred at 5 or even 10 miles per hour?

There are countless scientific research studies that confirm that the aftershock of an automobile collision can leave your body, especially your spine in extremely bad shape. You absolutely must be aware that you can suffer the trauma of a minor accident or even a moderate to severe accident and not have any symptoms for days and even weeks. It is my opinion that typically the worst day following a motor vehicle collision trauma is the fourth or fifth day following said trauma. As a Phoenix chiropractor, who has been managing car collision trauma injuries for over 36 years I realize that most people just cannot comprehend what just happened to them especially it comes to whiplash. I think this is because the human brain just can’t measure what just took place with the amount of force delivered in Nano seconds and typically there is no blood shed except for some minor scratches if you’re lucky. However the absence of blood in whiplash or any other injury involved with Collision trauma does not mean that you dodged a bullet and are OK. Also the speed of the trauma is also delivered in a fashion that neither the human brain cannot collect, asses and interpret the traumatic force information or quite possibly the brain has a built in mechanism to shield from such horrific information. In boxing this is called getting your bell rung. And yes I do think whiplash occurs in boxing as well as other sports.

Auto Injury Chiropractor for Cervical Acceleration Deceleration type Whiplash Injuries

I hope this write-up will far better describe whiplash, why it takes place, and just how chiropractic care is the only profession that offers management of whiplash injuries that genuinely can assist the body healing itself in the most adventitious manner possible.

So, what really takes place in your body that promotes a whiplash injury to occur? Realize whiplash can happen any time your body takes in a sudden jolt. Motor Vehicle related whiplash injuries are especially heinous due to the fact that you now a real time crash dummy.

Whiplash medically described as cervical acceleration deceleration syndrome can be reversed engineered in four events. During event one, the seat impacts the torso. Then the head position increases vertically an abnormal S curve develops in the cervical spine. In event number 2, the neck hyperextends, and the head strikes the headrest. This causes injury to the tissues at the front of the neck. The third event happens when the whiplash victim is catapulted forward, rebounding from the seat, followed by anterior acceleration of the head. In the final event, the seat belt restrains the torso, while the whiplash victims head continues forward forcing the neck into hyperflexion. This final event causes injury to the tissues at the back of the neck and is commonly believed to be the most destructive of the four events. If you’ve experienced whiplash, you should begin treatment immediately.


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