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Emergency Department Vs Chiropractor After An Auto Accident In Arizona

Being involved in a car accident in Phoenix is frequently a frightening and traumatizing experience. Whether it was a minor collision or a ten-car pile-up on the 101, recovering from a car accident can sometimes feel impossible. Let’s discuss Emergency Department Vs Chiropractor following a car collision.

An adrenaline rush may mask your symptoms even if you are fortunate enough to feel fine immediately following the accident. That is why everyone should seek medical attention following a car accident, regardless of how they feel.

All the chiropractors at Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment Clinic for car accidents in Arizona are dedicated to treating accident injuries.

However, should everyone go to the emergency room immediately following a car accident, or are there other options?

The Emergency Department Vs. Chiropractor After Following A Car Accident?

If you sustain an obvious severe, potentially life-threatening injury from your accident, you should proceed immediately to the emergency room, no questions asked.

Emergency medical professionals require immediate treatment of severe burns, significantly broken bones, severe trauma, uncontrollable bleeding, difficulty breathing, and other serious injuries.

Another doctor, such as a chiropractor, can treat less severe car accident injuries that still require treatment.

You should not delay seeking medical attention if you have sustained any injuries. First, you must look after your physical health, but seeing a chiropractor will help you document your injuries, which will come in handy if you ever need to file a personal injury claim.

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Consult A Chiropractor If You Have Non-Emergency Department Injuries

If you do not require immediate medical attention, avoid the emergency room and consult a car accident chiropractor. Chiropractors are specially trained to treat injuries to the spine and musculoskeletal system caused by automobile accidents.

Your Arizona car accident chiropractor can evaluate and diagnose any accident injuries, such as whiplash, and immediately initiate treatment. This means you can begin healing immediately without having to worry about referrals or delays in the healing process.

When you’re sick with a cold or the flu, you visit your doctor to have it treated. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you should see a chiropractor to address your injuries. Chiropractors who dedicate their practices to car accident victims can treat the injuries and trauma associated with them.

They will also check for any underlying medical issues during your physical exam and provide you with relief that does not involve harmful pain medication or invasive surgery.


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Call Now- Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment Clinic in Arizona 602-456-7252

Emergency Department Vs Chiropractor- you should see a chiropractor if you do not require immediate medical attention following your Arizona car accident.

Your chiropractor will address musculoskeletal injuries, spinal subluxations, and trauma sustained in automobile accidents.

Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment Clinic in Arizona will treat your injuries and file any necessary medical documentation if you need to file a personal injury claim.

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Frequently Asked Questions-Emergency Department Vs. Chiropractor After Auto Accident

Q: Should I see a chiropractor following a car accident?
A: Pain following a car accident significantly predicts an injury. Even if you are not in pain, seeing a chiropractor following a car accident is a good idea. Numerous car accident injuries do not manifest as pain or discomfort for weeks or months after the accident.

Q: How long do you have to wait after a car accident to see a chiropractor?
A: It is smart to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible after the accident. Chiropractic medicine is a non-invasive, holistic approach to health care that does not involve medication, surgery, or other invasive procedures. Whiplash is the most frequently treated type of car accident injury by chiropractors.

Q: How can chiropractic care assist you following an automobile accident?
A: Your chiropractor will adjust your spinal column and lighten the load on irritated nerves and tense muscles. This provides almost immediate pain relief. Additionally, during spinal manipulation, the body releases pain-relieving hormones (e.g., oxytocin, neurotensin, and cortisol), which can help minimize pain.

Q: Should you consult a chiropractor following whiplash?
A: If you are experiencing neck pain due to whiplash, you may wish to consult a chiropractor who can provide numerous non-surgical treatment options. Whiplash is an injury to the neck muscles caused by the neck moving rapidly forward and backward due to a trauma such as a car accident.

Q: How frequently do you visit a chiropractor following an accident?

A: It is not unusual for your chiropractor to request that you see them 3 to 5 visits A week immediately following your injury. Eventually, once your pain and symptoms are controlled, this frequency will decrease to 3 to 4 times A week and then to one visit per week for 4-5 weeks

Suppose you or a loved one has been involved in a motor vehicle accident, but your injuries do not warrant a trip to the emergency room. In that case, Collision Injury Auto Accident Treatment Clinics in Arizona is here to help.

To schedule your complimentary consultation and begin your recovery journey, click the button below.


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