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Whiplash and Mid-Back Pain – How Can This Happen? — Research regarding whiplash or whiplash associated disorders (WAD) classically focuses on neck pain; however, the data show acute thoracic spine / mid-back pain (MBP) occurs in 66% of WAD injures with 23% still complaining of chiro-trust.org

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Whiplash Injury Only Affects Your Neck Right?

One can easily picture how the neck or cervical spine can be injured in a car collision or sport-related collision as your head, weighing an average of twelve pounds,whips back and forth in a “crack-the-whip” like mechanism, exaggerating movement past normal,physiological range of motion. This stretching known as eccentric loading is then rapidly followed by compression or concentric loading. While this occurs in your neck it also occurs in the mid-back. These traumatic forces are indisputable which can damage & injure spinal ligaments, joint capsules, nerve tissues and even your spinal cord structures, and more. A little-known fact is that the thoracic spine contributes to 33 percent of flexion and 21 percent of rotation of your NECK motion, obviously the mid-back is a vital spinal region that enables neck movement and function!

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