Did You Know You Can Suffer Permanent Spinal Ligament Injury At 5 MPH Collision

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Whiplash Ligament Damage

The terms “whiplash” and “neck strain” are often used interchangeably, though there’s debate about whether this is appropriate. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these two common descriptions of neck pain. The term “strain” technically means a stretch injury to a muscle and/or the tendon that attaches muscle to bone. This article goes into the three types of strains you could have suffered https://chiro-trust.org Read More

You may have suffered Spinal Ligament Damage. Here are the Three Categories

The terms mild, moderate, and severe deal a classification approach commonly used by healthcare providers to describe the degree of injury. As suggested, a mild strain is simply that– little to no muscle fiber or tendon tearing has actually occurred and thus, the injury will have a much faster healing time than a moderate strain. Moderate strains include partial tissue tearing and take longer to heal. Serious strains depict total tearing and typically require surgical treatment is required to repair the tear.

Watch this 3 Minute Video And Learn Everything You Need To Know About Spinal Ligament Damage.

There are 14 main ligaments in your back, called spinal ligaments, which help protect your vertebrae and keep them in position and help you stay upright, according to the Spine Universe website. When one of these ligaments is overstretched through sudden or extreme movements, it can become painful or may even tear, which is known as a torn ligament. https://www.livestrong.com/Read More

Ligaments are very tough, fibrous cords that connect bones and cartilage. They are created to limit specific movements that may cause injury– for example, ligaments help prevent you from rolling over on your ankle or over-extending your knee, according to the Spine Universe website. Because of their stabilizing function, ligaments are not extremely flexible, so it is not uncommon to tear one through excessive or jolting movement. Especially a spinal ligament in the case of being involved in a whiplash injury of your neck and back. Other common reasons for spine ligament tears are heavy lifting, contact sports, racket sports that require you to twist and lunge, bad posture that throws your spine out of alignment, and pregnancy and weight gain, both of which can position excess pressure on your spinal ligaments.

If You or A Loved One Was Involved In A Car Wreck Remember To Get A Spinal Ligament Check.

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